Writting about astrology, horoscopes, and dream meaning

In this new section of my blog I will post a series of articles reviewing good android apps appropriate for children. The real judge of which apps are selected and appear here will be my nephew. He loves playing with my smartphone and I have been installing lots of apps for him to play. He, of course, prefers some over others being the final judge on what remains on my phone and what not. What remains on my smartphone long enough will appear here in order to help other parents find the best educational apps for their kids.

First things first, the Alphabet

I will start with a free educational app for teaching young children the alphabet. This app is available in English and Spanish even though I have used it only in English. Reasonably enough it is called ABC Alphabet Letters for Kids and you can

This app of course is too complex for toddlers. Appropriate ages are 5-6 years old (kindergarten). find it on the google play store. When you start this app the alphabet will be displayed on screen in big nice colorful letters. Pressing on a letter you will listen its sound and you will see a photo of an object, animal, fruit or vegetable starting with that letter. The name of the object, animal or fruit is also displayed and is pronounced so your child associates each image not only with the sound of a letter but also with its written form.

ABC Alphabet Letters for Kids

Do you know of any other good apps for children? Please, leave a commend bellow!

Love compatibility

For many, knowing what’s around the corner for love can be more than intriguing; it can be downright titillating. So it’s no surprise how popular the romance horoscope has become.

Authors of zodiac signs horoscope love compatibility are professional astrologers. Horoscope matching is an art of the highest ingenuity of an astrologer. Such horoscopes map each individual’s astrological sign and determine compatibility between two people in a relationship.

The accuracy of timing of event (like your birth time, date and place) determines the accuracy of the different love and astrological predictions. Every person is unique and his or her destiny can only be determined from the horoscope based on his own birth date, time, and place of birth.

Since almost all horoscope, love, and other astrological readings are based on your basic birth information (time, date and place) astrological predictions will only be reliable and accurate if all the information is recorded correctly. On the other hand, a further analysis of the relations and interrelations of planets should be made.



zodiac signs horoscope

In natal astrology the North Node/South Node axis represents a sort of dharmic path for the native to follow in their present lifetime. Heliocentric zodiac signs astrology is the best-known (only known so far?) kind of translation astrology, and in practice helio transits yield some highly significant precise hits.

Heliocentric astrology works, I think, because (a) the Sun affects us, probably more – with the possible exception of the Moon – than any other body we place in horoscopes; (b) small changes in the local celestial condition of the Sun, given its power, can change the way the Sun acts on us; (c) these small changes can be reduced to the heliocentric map.

The number one question people ask me about astrology is Sun-sign compatibility: is this sign compatible with that sign? Popular guides give lists of the best and worst Sun signs for you based on your own Sun sign – and as you may have noticed, those lists don’t work!

Sun-sign compatibility doesn’t work because the Sun describes someone’s outward personality and says little about what they look for in a partner. To accurately determine compatibility, you need (at the very least) to use the Moon as well as the Sun; and that’s what this test does.

For excellent personal zodiac signs astrology predictions check this link out.



The zodiac signs for 2012

A new year begins and central to all expectations and hopes are the zodiac signs for 2012. I observe every year an increase in interest for what the stars predict starting towards the end of the year and continuing throughout the first month of the new year. So nothing is more timely than giving a helping hand in your search for what the new year will bring you.

Generally speaking this year is going to be challenging due to many factors conspiring together and causing disturbance. Economy is the hot topic and it will take some time to resolve. The signs have their usual tendencies no matter how influenced by the current difficulties they face and this leads to different tactics for dealing with them.
Of the zodiac the last signs of the year will face the most challenges and should be careful in their decisions.
Consult your horoscope regularly for guidance during this year it will help you. A good source for reliable personal reading of the zodiac signs is www.predict-my-future.com which is updated constantly with the latest planet positions and influence.

Meaning of Dream with Rain

Meaning of Dreaming Rain

Dreaming that you get wet due to rain means that you will soon be cleansed from your troubles and problems. Rain also symbolizes fertility and renewal.

Dream meaning of Rain

The dream meaning of seeing and hear rain falling, is symbolism of forgiveness and grace.


Dreaming that you are watching the rain from a window indicates that spiritual ideas and insights are being brought to you awareness. It may also symbolize fortune and love.

Hearing the tapping of the rain on the roof indicates spiritual ideas and blessings coming to mind. It may also suggests that you will receive much joy from your home life.


It’s all Greek to me!

Greek news about the latest events about the economy. If you are Greek and you can read this then it might be the best place to learn what the future holds for you in 2012!



Dreaming birds

Meaning of Dreams with Birds

Dreaming  a chirping or flying birds, represents hapiness, harmony, balance, and love. It indicates a positive outlook in life. You will experience spiritual freedom and psychological liberation.

On the other side, dreaming of dead or dying birds, foretells disappointments. You are worrying about problems that are constantly on your mind.

Dreaming of bird eggs, symbolizes money.

Dreaming of birds hatching, symbolizes delayed success.

Dreaming of a bird nest, symbolizes independence, refuge and security. You need something to fall back on. Alternatively, it may signify a prosperous endeavor, new opportunities, and fortune.

Meaning of a Dream