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Today I will share with you a post I found about how important is to get a personal horoscope about you instead of following those generic ones we commonly find in magazines. Link: personal horoscope vs generic ones

The difference is obvious, a generic horoscope, five lines long, cannot be accurate at the same time for you and millions of other readers. Not all of us are born the same day and time.

A personal horoscope is calculated based on the current planetary transitions and the planet positions at the time of your birth. This tells you exactly what their influences are to you. They are far more accurate and I find personal horoscopes the only ones worth reading.

For more information look at the linked article.  Good day!


Comments on: "Generic vs Personal Horoscopes" (1)

  1. I have a question pal. How accurate is astrology? It cannot be 100% accurate. It shows your flow. It can only say that your river flow will go , say, south west 100 Kms. But it cannot show you the exact map. So, how accurate can a personal Horoscope be?
    In one second electronic waves can travel God knows how far. So even a small difference in minutes can make a huge difference in cosmic movements.

    I say this because while astrology has helped many it has also worried a lot of people. It can make people anxious about their HORROR-SCOPE.

    That’s why I feel that while we can’t disregard the truth, we should also take it a little lightly. In my case I had my personal horoscope. Much of it came true. Some predictions did not. Some warnings I heeded and I think I steered clear out of trouble.

    Point: I do take ancient truths seriously. I don’t underestimate their power – yet – a little logic can safeguard us.

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