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Birthstones are precious crystals which have been used for thousands of years due to their protective and healing powers. The knowledge about their powers seems to be little known in our days and purchase of precious stones is almost solely based on what meets the eye. Looks is of very little significance in comparison with what the correct selection of birthstone can offer you.

First of all why are they called birthstones? Because the stone you must carry on you at all times depends on the date of your birth. A stone beneficial for a person born the correct month might be detrimental to someone born another month, so choose carefully.

There is such variety of jewelry with birthstones that you will surely find something that both looks gorgeous and can benefit you greatly. Just try it and you will be surprised of their powers. It makes me wonder how this simple knowledge seems to have been lost. I advice you to find out today which is the correct monthly birthstone for you!



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  2. Actually your monthly birth stone is bull shit. A fart in the universal knowledge….

  3. OOPs! When I say ‘your’ I mean in a general way and NOT EXACTLY you. There are som many stones around us and what what about their ‘energy field’ effects?

    Matter is atomic. When the electrons move around they generate magnetic fields. So, we are under a lot of energy fields including our own.

    Our earth is something we tend to ignore and we look at all those dead planets in awe. Here we are ON the planet earth where its vibrations have the most powerful effect on us and we ignore it looking at space-far away.

    The earth is a thinking planet unlike other planets. Life is here and ideas are here. It’s a conscious planet unlike all those debris in the sky.

    Ours is the powerful planet. The thinker. The life-zone.
    The energies are here. Up there – yes- but – still vague. I do believe in their effects.

    Still- the energies are HERE – right within our reach.

    Sorry for the ‘your’ goof up. It’s meant generally like your earth, your world, your mind …

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