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octopus vulgaris

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Psychic animals have been appearing long now in various incarnations as Mani the parakeet, Pino the chimpanzee, and more recently Paul the octopus. Oracular animals  have been appearing from antiquity until our days. Media popularized Paul the octopus last year but sadly octopuses have short life span and we will not be able to enjoy his predictions again.

In this role birds have been especially common since antiquity, due to their ability to fly allowed people to interpret their flight as messages from the gods. Most of us know of the dove in the story of Noah.

I want to share with you my latest finding, a new psychic bird! She is called Paula and she is a psychic pigeon. She is cute and fun and tell you the horoscope and reads tarot cards.

You can find Paula the psychic pigeon at http://www.predict-my-future.com and let her attempt to predict your fortune!

Happy browsing!



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  1. Hi, fun article. Just a pointer to an older post about Paula the psychic pigeon Paula the Psychic Pigeon predicted my future

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