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Good Valentine’s Day!

I can feel you lovely men and women getting up today, with great expectations and plans! I can feel you pondering… who is my perfect Valentine? who is  the perfect match for me? shall I open my door and accept him/her to come in my life?

Here are the 6 things you should use as a guide for your decisions.

1. Are your horoscopes compatible?

You will need to find out if your star signs are compatible and how so. What are the personality traits of your sign and your Valentine’s sign? Are you compatible? Can you tolerate the differences? Click here for checking your Valentine’s astrology love compatibility

2. Are your names compatible?

You need to use the name compatibility application in order to figure out this. Use again the previous link and make sure you know whether your names are compatible or not. This is quite important.

3. Are your personality characteristics compatible?

Pay special attention on the elements and qualities of your astrological signs these have to be compatible otherwise trouble might be awaiting down the road. This is very important.

4. Pay attention to your biorhythms.

You do not want your or your partner’s emotional biorhythms to be crossing the zero line today. Also your intuition biorhythm is essential not to be at zero. If it is be careful with first impressions.

5. Consult a tarot spread.

This requires some skill and experience. Concentrate and think only of your Valentine. Pick 5 tarot cards and then read carefully the explanations. They can tell you everything you need to know about the potential of this relationship.

6. Have you had any informative dreams?

When you go to bed on Valentine’s night make sure you remember your dreams next morning. If there is something troubling with this relationship it will reveal itself through your dreams… you should not neglect them. Consult a dream dictionary if you are not sure of what to make off your dream.

These are the 6 things you need to make wise decisions. These 6 things and your intuition will guide you to the best path through your life. If you don’t already have a preferable psychic or web site for getting this kind of information I strongly recommend predict-my-future.com it’s very good and it’s free.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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