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Every year like today, March 26th, is the Earth Hour.  The Earth Hour starts at 8:30pm and we switch our lights off to preserve energy! Every little matters. Even one light bulb adds to this global effort. So start by switching off all lights that are not necessary at least during the Earth Hour.

What Else Can I do for the Earth Hour?

I decided to keep all my lights off all day today and go to bed early. I will also switch off all electric appliances I can. No TV today. I will read a book.

What Others do for the Earth Hour?

For supporting Earth Hour, the future predicting and astrology web site www.predict-my-future.com has turned its background black in order to reduce the energy its visitors’ computers consume today.

A computer monitor is made of many tiny light bulbs which turn on and off and change color in order to form shapes and images on the screen. When one of these tiny light bulbs is turned off you see a black dot on your screen. When all of them are turned off your whole screen turns black and consumes zero energy. What the smart guys at predict-my-future.com did is to turn off as many of these tiny light bulbs as possible.

Of course some of them had to remain on so that they form the letters and images displayed on the web site, but no more than the absolute necessary ones remain turned on. The result you will see when you visit the site is that changed to black background. Awesome!



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