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Subconscious and Dreaming

Genuine psychic experiences often occur and at times your clairvoyant abilities will be stimulated – dream messages or other unusual occurrences are possible.

Your subconscious is the connection to your physical and spiritual sides, but the conscious mind is the part normally in control. Dreaming provides an incredible opportunity to explore the nature of the subconscious.

Dreaming occurs in cycles of sleep that last an average of ninety minutes. So, in every night of eight hours sleep you can experience four periods of dreaming. However, it seems that as the night progresses you dream for slightly longer periods of time.

Although the content of our dreams may not be scientifically meaningful, much has been done about dreams as it’s something that we all do. Freud considered dreams to show the secret wishes of the soul or inner self and he gave great importance to self knowledge. Lucid dreaming, or the ability to become consciously aware in the dream, has been scientifically proven since the late 1970’s.

Keeping a Dream Journal

It is important to write down any information you get from your dreams as quickly as possible so the content is distorted over time. When recording your dreams in your dream journal it is important to note down all important aspects, things that you may not think are important at the time.

Dream Interpretion

Dreams usually need to be interpreted. Symbols in the dream, need to be considered before a workable interpretation can be found. You may need a professional astrologer or psychotherapist with a specialty in dream interpretation. A professional will give you a thorough description, in terms of meaning, symbolism, and psychological perspective for each dream.


Silvia is a contributing author for www.predict-my-future.com where you can find specific dream interpretations.


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