Writting about astrology, horoscopes, and dream meaning

In natal astrology the North Node/South Node axis represents a sort of dharmic path for the native to follow in their present lifetime. Heliocentric zodiac signs astrology is the best-known (only known so far?) kind of translation astrology, and in practice helio transits yield some highly significant precise hits.

Heliocentric astrology works, I think, because (a) the Sun affects us, probably more – with the possible exception of the Moon – than any other body we place in horoscopes; (b) small changes in the local celestial condition of the Sun, given its power, can change the way the Sun acts on us; (c) these small changes can be reduced to the heliocentric map.

The number one question people ask me about astrology is Sun-sign compatibility: is this sign compatible with that sign? Popular guides give lists of the best and worst Sun signs for you based on your own Sun sign – and as you may have noticed, those lists don’t work!

Sun-sign compatibility doesn’t work because the Sun describes someone’s outward personality and says little about what they look for in a partner. To accurately determine compatibility, you need (at the very least) to use the Moon as well as the Sun; and that’s what this test does.

For excellent personal zodiac signs astrology predictions check this link out.




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