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In this new section of my blog I will post a series of articles reviewing good android apps appropriate for children. The real judge of which apps are selected and appear here will be my nephew. He loves playing with my smartphone and I have been installing lots of apps for him to play. He, of course, prefers some over others being the final judge on what remains on my phone and what not. What remains on my smartphone long enough will appear here in order to help other parents find the best educational apps for their kids.

First things first, the Alphabet

I will start with a free educational app for teaching young children the alphabet. This app is available in English and Spanish even though I have used it only in English. Reasonably enough it is called ABC Alphabet Letters for Kids and you can

This app of course is too complex for toddlers. Appropriate ages are 5-6 years old (kindergarten). find it on the google play store. When you start this app the alphabet will be displayed on screen in big nice colorful letters. Pressing on a letter you will listen its sound and you will see a photo of an object, animal, fruit or vegetable starting with that letter. The name of the object, animal or fruit is also displayed and is pronounced so your child associates each image not only with the sound of a letter but also with its written form.

ABC Alphabet Letters for Kids

Do you know of any other good apps for children? Please, leave a commend bellow!


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