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Today I will continue this section of my blog with reviews of good android apps appropriate for children. As always, the real judge of which apps are selected and appear here is my nephew. He loves playing with my smartphone and I have been installing lots of apps for him to play. He, of course, prefers some over others being the final judge on what remains on my phone and what not.

One of the apps that has captured his attention and of course I have kept on my  smartphone for him to play is Animals for Kids. Of course, this is not surprising since animals and their sounds are a fascinating subjects for little children. Animals for Kids is a free app and as the authors say it is an educational game appropriate for babies, toddlers and young children up to seven years old.

I counted 42 different animals each with several photos that look gorgeous on my Galaxy S7 screen. Tapping the animals you will hear the sound the animal makes which he enjoys so much he would play enthused. Being a boy the lion is his favorite animal!

The pronunciation of the animal names is a nice touch assisting with language development. In respect to the ease of use he seems having no trouble moving from animal to animal and scrolling with his little fingers. The judge has spoken and here you go another recommendation for entertaining your kids!

Do you know of any other good apps for children? Please, leave a commend bellow!





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